Tuesday, March 29, 2011

free download: sandia man

he stalked his kill in the hoary dark and cooked the meat in the mouth of a cave. consumed by earth, doom, spear, and fire, he was sandia man, the first to come.  thirty thousand years later, the epic of smoldering primeval is retold in sandia man's self-named release.  metal at its most lithic and malefic, now available for free.

sandia man
albuquerque, nm

Monday, March 28, 2011

"ray of light" by monster paws

today monster paws premiers their second music video, "ray of light," right here on crash[blank] for your viewing and listening pleasure.  this is the second video off their debut album, and it features some kids with a good attitude about life road tripping down to the city of rocks and then fractalling into space energy.  why, "ray of light" is just as glimmering as their first video, "champagne bike ride," and that vid positively sparkles.

"ray of light" is directed by kyle traynor, and alexander paul headed photography. 

enjoy the love and light in real life at monster paws' dance party thursday, april 7th, at the launchpad

you can purchase the album at the show, or off i-tunes, here.

i wrote a profile of monster paws for alibi when their album came out in november.

albuquerque, nm

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

griffin arellano takes his low rider for a maiden voyage

griffin arellano takes his low rider for a maiden spring cruise on unm campus

"i just convinced my girlfriend to bring me this bike.  she's from taos, and she won it in an auction back when she was 7 or 8.  ....i've never had a car or anything like that.  a low rider is as close as i'll come.  you know the secret?  this is my secret.  just envision it, and you will receive."

--griffin arellano, freshman @ unm from fort collins, co.

arellano doesn't know the bike's exact origins, but the welds suggest DIYconstruction

hey, y'all, it's spring! go outside and ride your bike!

albuquerque, nm

Saturday, March 19, 2011

tripp haley @ fixed and free

free...?  or no?  i guess it's hard to understand what is free.
fixed & free & entropy

walls by tripp haley
fixed & free bike shop
114 tulane se
albuquerque, nm

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

posts at a gallery/gas station in gallup

submitted by kris kerby, who saw these in gallup, nm, while on tour with his band, tenderizor.

"those posts were at some indian art gallery/gas station on the outskirts we stopped at to tinkle," he says.

gallup, nm

Friday, March 11, 2011

new mexico mayor and police chief arrested for running guns to mexico

and in more drug news, krqe news is reporting that in the border town of columbus, new mexico, the mayor, chief of police, and ten others have been indicted for smuggling guns to mexico.  no one is officially saying that the guns were destined to arm america's beloved high suppliers, but the atf and dea conducted the raid.

the death toll in mexico attributed to the drug war has been estimated at well over 28,000 since presidente calderon began battling with cartels in 2006.  meanwhile, here in the u.s., the price of mexican dirt weed remains steady.

columbus, nm

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new mexico mota report

we've come a long way in drug policy since the first weed law was laid on the books in jamestown colony, virginia, in 1619.  that law required farmers to grow hemp, but i'm sure what the founders really meant was that people who grow weed should be mercilessly prosecuted.

of course, we're living in more sober times than that summer of free love in 1619, but all is not lost.  it looks like at least medical marijuana will live to see another day here in new mexico.  there was a piece of legislation pending that would repeal medicinal use, but it won't come to a vote.   according to the santa fe reporter, state rep james smith (r-sandia park) is pulling his own proposal.  instead, smith is now asking for a study to see how the whole let-sick-people-smoke-the-weed thing is going four years after medical marijuana was legalized.  in 2007, with the passage of the lynn and erin compassionate use act, new mexico became the twelfth state in the union to legalize medical marijuana. the resulting state program currently serves around 4,000 patients.

meanwhile, just say now is estimating that new mexico would generate somewhere between $51.5 and $76 million dang dollars in state revenue if we were to go the legalization and taxation route.  the numbers are extrapolated from official reports by california and washington state on the anticipated financial impact of legalization and taxation.  hmm.  doesn't new mexico have a budget shortfall  or something?  i remember hearing a little something about that.  i don't know-- taxes, budget, snooze...

yeah, so let's talk about paragliding crashes. you know who i mean, one of legalization's most famous supporters, former new mexico governor gary johnson.  in december, governor johnson told the weekly standard that he smoked la mota after he broke his back paragliding. johnson got tangled in a tree, and he fell to the earth from fifty feet above.  then he spent the next three years numbing the pain with herb.  the accident was in 2005, so that's three years of recent, consistent criminal activity.  and, guess what? last month johnson came in 3rd in the straw poll for presidential candidate at the conservative political action conference, one of the great mystical oracles for political future.

so it may be that america is finally ready for a president who admits he was stoned for three straight years.  attitudes are changing.  a recent pew poll found now almost half of the country is supportive of straight up legalization. that's 45% for legalization, and a slim 50% majority against. i'd rather see those numbers flipped, but, hey, it's progress. 

ok, that's enough learning.  here's a nice set from psychic sidekick to mellow out to-- you've earned it.

  Latest tracks by Psychic Sidekick

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tenderizor invites you to touch the sword

behold-- tenderizor's grisly wail from the albuquerque abaddon.  lucky us, we get a preview of the title track from their soon-to-be-released album, "touch the sword," and it bleeds, and it shrieks, and it slashes at all that is sacred.  that is to say, damn, it feels really fucking good.  touch it.  touch the sword.

tenderizor is about as close to a supergroup that can be scratched out of the dirt around here, including kris kerby (sabertooth cavity) on drums, steve hammond (leeches of lore) screaming his mutherfucking lungs out, brothers mike and pat day (both fando) on lead guitars, and pillar of the arts underworld, raven chacon (dog shit taco, black guys, KILT, and many more), also on lead guitar.  the cover art is by 505 favorite son, mike giant.

tenderizor will cap off a quick tour around the west with the official album release (tour dates below). you can order the album from the record label, sicksicksick distro.  "touch the sword," in all its 12 inches of glory, drops on saturday, march 26th, at burt's tiki lounge.  go.

tenderizor west coast touroar:
3.10.11   flagstaff, az   the big house
3.11.11   reno, nv  the road house
3.12.11   portland, or  plan b
3.13.11  portland, or  reed college
3.14.11   arcata, ca  the alibi
3.15.11   oakland, ca  the stork club
3.16.11   la, ca   f-haus
3.17.11   san diego, ca  (somewhere)
3.18.11   phoenix, az    tribe house
3.19.11   tucson, az  (somewhere)
3.26.11   albuquerque, nm   burt's tiki lounge