Monday, March 28, 2011

"ray of light" by monster paws

today monster paws premiers their second music video, "ray of light," right here on crash[blank] for your viewing and listening pleasure.  this is the second video off their debut album, and it features some kids with a good attitude about life road tripping down to the city of rocks and then fractalling into space energy.  why, "ray of light" is just as glimmering as their first video, "champagne bike ride," and that vid positively sparkles.

"ray of light" is directed by kyle traynor, and alexander paul headed photography. 

enjoy the love and light in real life at monster paws' dance party thursday, april 7th, at the launchpad

you can purchase the album at the show, or off i-tunes, here.

i wrote a profile of monster paws for alibi when their album came out in november.

albuquerque, nm


  1. Cool! parts of Fast Heart Mart's video for Mayan Prophecy were also shot at City of Rocks. I detect a pattern, it's a strange place, so random and yet so orderly.