Thursday, April 28, 2011

fart house: "song"

"SONG" By Fart House from Supernormals on Vimeo.

warning: NSFW.  albuquerque band, fart house, has a new video, "song," and it is some stripped sound laid against an intellectually provocative (some might even say, "morally challenging") backdrop.   the video contains images of vaginas juxtaposed with terrorists.  it's like fox news.

the short flick by patrick duncan, andy martin, and kaleb wentzel-fisher also features cameos by 5-time deming duck race champion, lightening pete, as well as the upstart, little yellow fuzzy, who stole first place from pete in 2010.*

*i'm guessing.  i don't know.  i haven't been to the duck races since i was eleven years old. but, if i had racing ducks, those are probably the names i would give them. i also like the name, "shazzam!!!"  btw,  i'm not even sure these ducks in the video have ever raced in their lives, let alone win five times, nor race so fast as to steal the title from the hypothetical five-time champion.  but, there's no evidence against it, either.

albuquerque, nm

Sunday, April 17, 2011

a truck named seraphina

this is oma.  oma has a delivery truck named seraphina.  oma says, "her name is seraphina, she loves-a gasoline almost as much as i love wine!"
seraphina's dashboard is outfitted with an alter.
inside there is a goose.  her name is esmerelda. usually esmerelda is allowed to run free, but today there is an "interested dog," so she stays locked up safe. 
esmerelda and oma sing a tune together.

albuquerque, nm

Monday, April 4, 2011


let's start with this fact: round things are fun. compare peas, for example, with broccoli.  other fun foods: m&m's, isreali cous cous, and papaya seeds.  well, i guess you don't actually eat papaya seeds, but they look like rabbit poops, and that makes them hilarious.

who doesn't have fond memories of an older sister standing on your head in a netted playpen full of large primary-color pellets while your parents ignore your anguished shrieks and drink beer by the pitcher?  no? well-- i feel sorry for you, then.  but those of us who are blessed with those memories have to nod our heads in agreement and say, yes, those ball pits are sound evidence that round things are fun (...wait-- maybe it was me standing on my sister's head?  yes, that would make more!).

how about when you saw a bean bag chair ripped open for the first time?  don't lie and say it was anything less than a delight.

snow balls.  gumballs.  baseballs.  giving someone blue balls.  good times!  breasts are round, and they are fun.  balls we've already mentioned, but some people even think they are fun without turning them blue (and  to those people who think breasts are the most fun, and to those who think balls are the most fun:  you're both right!  round things are fun). 

anyway, this not even remotely comprehensive list of evidence is to remind you:  there is a curvature to happiness.

so, how can this be applied?  i'm not sure.  but the shape of happiness is a fact we just proved. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

practicing war at night

a flight engineer calling the huey into a landing zone at night

watching our wingman takeoff while we delay on the ground

images by a handsome air force helicopter pilot who wishes to remain mysterious 

southern new mexico