Tuesday, December 21, 2010

jank supreme

"only in new mex could you register a whip like this," says jeremy mccollum, guitarist for celestial stoner rock monsters, supergiant.   friends of mccollum note how the exposed fuel tank adds sportiness, while a rear passenger custom ammo box affords gentlemanly style. 

image submitted by jeremy mccollum

albuquerque, nm

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

gov johnson smoking the weed

sporty libertarian and former new mexico governor gary johnson tells the weekly standard that he smoked hella weed for pain relief for three years following a paragliding crash in 2005. he says he wanted to avoid the narcotic addiction that he experienced when he used conventional pain drugs in the past.

gary, you so crazy! don't you know that if you turn to weed, big pharma doesn't get paid? hey buddy, that's not my america!  just kidding-- in my america, everyone gets paid.

unfortunately, gary johnson is not the republican new mexicans voted into office this year.  instead, we chose agitated chihuahua dog susana martinez.  in july, the new mexico independent (r.i.p.) reported that the governor-elect wants to repeal new mexico's medical marijuana law.

maybe it's a good time to make a donation to drug policy alliance.

evil by rennie sparks

lyricist rennie sparks of albuquerque's haunted americana duo, the handsome family, has a new collection of thirteen creepy stories on kindle called evil.  the sunday times of london says the collection "balances emotive sincerity and detached black comedy with thrilling precision."  the philadelphia city paper says the book is "w.s. burroughs meets carson mccullers."  check it out.

buy the book.

albuquerque, nm

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new silver jewelry by susan elnora

Railroad necklace one of a kind, hand forged sterling silver

raven emblem necklace, sterling silver

moth and lantern necklaces, sterling silver
ordinary things are very elegant when susan elnora describes them in silver.  it just feels like home, right?  and very rock n' roll, which is the way to be.

available at pop gallery and jett gallery in santa fe, and mariposa gallery in albuquerque.

jewelry by susan elnora
glorietta, nm 

available at:
mariposa gallery
3500 central ave. se
albuquerque, nm 87106

jett gallery
110 old santa fe trail
santa fe, nm 87501

pop gallery
133 west water street
santa fe, nm 87501

lowell lundeen jewelry
430 1st ave n
minneapolis, mn 55401

611 w. 39th street
kansas city, mo 64111

Sunday, November 28, 2010

happy birthday susie

las cruces, nm


I'm Mega. I'm 22 and I live in New Mexico. My music is a product of everything that surrounds me, mentally and physically. I write about people I know and people that don't exist. Hopefully, you can somehow appreciate what I do and apply it to your life. You see, my music is proof that if you really want to do something, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Everything you see and hear is done in my bedroom; No fancy studios, No publicists, No money. I do everything myself and I'm proud of what I have to show. If you consider yourself a fan of what I do, then take what I'm saying into consideration. Go out there and do something. Art has no limits, just remember to be who you always were.

- mega

las cruces, nm

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

love and friendship at the old motel

"and see this, this right here is why you are my best friend"

"pretend like it was meant to be"

thanks, khyber!

old motel site
central and san mateo
albuquerque, nm

Monday, November 22, 2010

62 impala and my first trip to hooters

this was my first visit to hooters.  yes.  this is true.  the back story written on the menu says the chain was founded in small town florida.  i can believe that.  hot dogs, fried pickles, girls wearing shiny slightly-darker-than-natural-skin-tone nylon stockings under bright orange short shorts-- yeah, that all jibes with what i remember about florida.

i've only been to the sunshine state a handful of times:  there were a couple family vacations to epcot center, and when i lived in new orleans, i fled a mardi gras or two by heading to prime vacation destination (wink!), destin, fla.  hey, i don't want to be unkind to destin, but lets face it, a bingo hall inhabited by the sun-weathered poor and elderly does not a vacation destination make.

anyway, back to tits, ass, and curly fries.  the reason i went to hooters was not to punish myself --although, if i ever do find myself in a pitch of self loathing, i think ordering a series of "5 wing flappertizers"* might be just the ticket.  however, on this occasion, i was invited to lunch by some friends.  it was the wish of this one sweetheart of an air force pilot, currently exiled to clovis, to eat a 20 piece platter of hooter's special brand of 3 mile island hot wings.  he's not even in it for the boobs, he says, just those triple-fried, greasy, greasy wings.   to be honest, i believe him. he's more of a leg man.  anyway, it was his desire to eat at hooter's, and, as he was buying, it was my desire as well.

i don't care how hardened you are to the cruelties of life, it's still a little disturbing to walk into a strip club that prides itself on being "family friendly."  i am a sex-positive person, but i still don't think tittie bars should hand out balloons to patrons under the age of twelve.  call me old fashioned, but kids that age should be learning about sex by courageously fumbling forward through the bases after killing a bottle of sweet vermouth hijaked from stepdad's liquor cabinet.  right?  i think it's one topic upon which katherine harris and i can agree.

there are plenty of very beautiful, very stacked women working at hooters.  unfortunately for us, our competent waitress had ruined her otherwise bangin' figure with a pair of rock-hard, veiny franken-tits that invited stares for all the wrong reasons.  however, she was an ace at affecting that cloying, kittenish demeanor that many men apparently mistake for genuine attention.  well, good luck to you, girl.  you seem smart.  sorry about your boobs. 

the nicest pair, as i'm sure you have guessed by now, were the fly '62 impalas parked out front.  just gorgeous. worth the trip.  and if you want a take-home message from this little rant, it's that if you are willing to pick up the tab, i am willing to drink and dine with you anywhere, and then i will write a witty** post about our adventure.  so don't hesitate to hit me up. 

*5 wing flappertizer is an actual offering. i didn't make it up to get a laugh. 
** as measured by subjective standards.  that is, no standards at all. 

1962 chevrolet impala
albuquerque, nm

Thursday, November 18, 2010

old stuff from former revlis

it's not there anymore, but this was at the former revlis.  now it's the new location for silver board.  i'll have new pics from there up in a minute.

712 central se
albuquerque, nm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

don't look at me! go lobos!


1984 (?) dodge ram van
albuquerque, nm

kerby's drum goes to heaven

on monday, november 15th, at 9pm, kerby of sabertooth cavity and tenderizor sent his snare drum to heaven in a fiery blaze.  the pyre was held at the drummer's home in albuquerque, new mexico.  in attendance were a few friends watching sexy music videos on youtube. 

kerby and the drum were first united six years ago.  "i found her while browsing through music world in hobbs (new mexico) and knew i had to have her," says kerby.  over the years, the two played with a variety of notable artists, including see you next tuesday, heavyheavylowlow, arsonists get all the girls, and the jonbenet.  

kerby and his drum shared many wild adventures.  recalls kerby, "i remember driving drunk and it fell out of the back of my truck in loving, new mexico, and i didn't even realize it till the next day.  i went back searching for about an hour and found her laying in a ditch."  

after a respected musical career, the snare drum enjoyed a happy retirement as a pot for a jalapeƱo plant in the backyard.

rest in peace, little tambor from hobbs. ashes to ashes, dust to dust, amen.  

tenderizor  http://www.myspace.com/tenderizor
sabertooth cavity  http://www.myspace.com/sabertoothcavity

albuquerque, nm

dirt city chronicles

have you met ernest aguirre?  he's got a good wingspan over new mexico music, from cruces to abq, 1970's - present, fast heart mart to boy dirrt.  he also has some punkass humor that is pretty entertaining.  check out his blog, dirt city chronicles.  i especially recommend his most recent post about brokenCYDE.  that's right, that's us! yeah, albuquerque, own it!

boy dirrt    http://www.myspace.com/dirrtykashmuzik
fast heart mart  http://www.fastheartmart.com/
dirt city chronicles  http://dirtcitychronicles.blogspot.com/

albuquerque, nm

Monday, November 15, 2010

putos, else, and slip @ la underground

wall by else icr (los angeles), putos (melbourne, australia), and slip (abq by way of nyc) @ the la underground

demon dog by putos, photo by morris park crew

electrodemon dog by putos, photo by morris park crew

else icr of la did the robo-crest above and brooklyn born, abq-based slip writes his name, below 

the artists at work

putos from melbourne, australia, is responsible for the awesome electric demon dogs on the bookends.  he's says yes, he does know what "putos" means.  do they speak spanish in australia?  who knew?

slip detail
hey, that's a picture of me taking a picture.  photo by josh frager

the la underground
2000 central se
albuquerque, nm

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

luna with pig head

this happened a few blocks from the university:

alaric, who has lived in this neighborhood his whole life, got a pig's head from his grandmother.   the family had just recently slaughtered the pig. 

"here," she told alaric.  "maybe you can give it to one of your mexican friends."

but instead, he went down the street and fed it to his neighbor's pet wolf.

photo submitted by christopher clark
albuquerque, nm

outside cellar door

artist unknown
outside cellar door gifts & gallery
147 harvard se
albuquerque, nm

Thursday, November 11, 2010


indie filmmaker eddie alcazar is back in his hometown of albuquerque to shoot "0000," and it looks like it's going to be a sick flick (ps: it's pronounced "zero." yeah, now you're in the know).  here's some test footage shot at the rail yard.

0000 The Movie (Test Footage) from 0000 0000 on Vimeo.

albuquerque, nm

wig wam bam is back to life!

with the publication of the 93rd issue of wig wam bam, music writer captain america revives the beloved "albuquerque zine of music and nepotism" from its mysterious year-long narcosis. wig wam bam is the world's go-to resource for sordid accounts of music that gets played in bars around albuquerque.  with the exception of this recent thirteen month sabbatical, captain america has been chronicling live music in new mexico slavishly continuously since 1998. 

commemorating the new issue, captain america writes, "you waited a year for this?! sucker."

you can pick a copy of wig wam bam at the kosmos, blackbird buvette, low spirits, burt's tiki lounge, silverboard skate shop, newsland, launchpad, and natural sound.  or you can read it online.  but the hard copy also comes with comics. 

albuquerque, nm

Sunday, November 7, 2010

christopher clark memorial wall

my love, he died, and everything was so fucked afterward.  as just one example, i don't even know if christopher has a grave. so this memorial wall by defone means a lot to me.

i just met defone a couple weeks ago.  he says goes by "def one" because he doesn't listen.  but he heard my tale of sorrow, and kindly, kindly offered to paint a wall in memory christopher.  thank you so much, defone.  this wall is behind my friend ben's house, in the alley just south of eton st., across from where christopher used to live. thanks, ben, for sharing your space and being a very decent man. 

so my love is remembered on the street where he was a king, surrounded by flying war machines and the awesome specter of ween rising over the mountains. christopher, i love you so much.  be seeing you again someday. 
just like he had on many nights before, the night before he died, christopher left me a love letter on a scrap of paper on my desk. he wrote his beautiful, accidental last words on a checkstub from alibi. i didn't find it until after he was gone. 

his eyes are perfect-- blue and silver and dark and gold.  christopher was the most beautiful man i have ever seen in real life.

defone compares his work to a photo

ben has two wolves, naya and luna, who will be keeping christopher company, and ensuring this wall does not get messed with. 

this is luna-- she is a sweetheart, also gorgeous and ferocious.  so i admire her because i aspire to that as well.

alley south of eton, between yale and buena vista
albuquerque, nm