Saturday, January 29, 2011

"tears of fire" by glad as knives

ginger dunhill and cannupa hanska luger are glad as knives. 

"knives only have one function, it is to cut," they say.  "when a knife cuts it is content, we are glad as knives."

"tears of fire" is their first video.

santa fe, nm

Friday, January 28, 2011

enai on his 85 skyway

"the first day i got this bike, i got a ticket.  i went through a stop sign on this road and a policeman stopped me and gave me a ticket for it.  he said, 'hey, man, nice bike.'"

1985 skyway with custom crank and breaks
albuquerque, nm

Thursday, January 27, 2011


image by robovisual
damn, new mexico, every day you find a new way to make me proud.  for example:

an albuquerque woman says that while shopping at a local grocery store, she was served a taster's cup full of man goo-- or, as koat action 7 news puts it, "a sample of yogurt that may have actually been bodily fluid."   the clinical yet vague way koat tells it, we can't be sure it was aquavit del hombre-- it may just have been a harmless kiddie cup full of mocos for all we know-- but let's just follow our gut when we hear "bodily fluid" and "yogurt" used in the same sentence.

at this time there are few details about the incident. reporter christie ileto says that "[police] are staying tight-lipped about the so-called encounter."-- she said it, not i.

albuquerque, nm

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i am nm film

in her first state of the state address as governor, susana! martinez proposed to deal with new mexico's budget shortfall by killing the local film industry....right, right-- that didn't make sense when i heard it the first time either. but apparently that's the plan. martinez hopes to cut tax credits for film production from 25% to 15% 

i'm confused about this-- i thought people voted for republicans because they want lower taxes. but i'm sure it just seems like a nonsensical idea because economics are complicated, and not because martinez is totally off-base

i'm not sure where this fits into the tax argument--and guess what? i don't want to bore myself or you another second by discussing taxes, ok?-- but i think somehow it's relevant to mention that it's really cool the coen brothers like to make movies here. and it's extra cool that pho linh, the best vietnamese place in town, is in the same motel where josh brolin gets tagged in no country for old men. seriously, susana!, are trying to argue with that?

more cogent arguments on why reducing the tax credit is not a smart idea in the video above.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

small engine 1.14.2011

 ink drawing by christoph knerr
 it was cold but not bitter, and hoodied kids crowded la calaca, aka small engine,  the new metamedia psychedelic playpen en el barrio barelas.  it's “experimental,” you guys (i.e., no heat).  reclusive illustrator christoph knerr[1] had a rare show, presenting a new series of caligo drawings.  along with the exhibition, "creatures in little big spaces," were musical performances from great white buffalo, shoulder voices, and leeches of lore.

knerr is author of the mess explosion comics, and  also illustrated the cover of leeches of lore’s latest album, “attack the future,” (released on cassette in 2010 by sicksicksick distro).  knerr’s art is also seen on show posters, mini-comics, and other paraphernalia for boris and the saltlicks, fast heart mart, and the saltine ramblers

leeches of lore "attack the future"  ink and color pen by christoph knerr

wee pen-and- ink devils and other creatures look like they’re from one of the more sinister texts off the guttenberg press.  each dark drawing, roughly 2"x2," is consumed  with equal passion for purgatorial fantasy and the rational laws of perspective.  strange to see something so painstakingly simple and handmade.  these are not our ways anymore. 

[ missed great white buffalo, sorry ]

behind a small armory of star stained, once-pink stuffed animals, shoulder voices  traced over old love wounds with multi-conscious rock that was, like the pile of teddy bears at their feet, fuzzy and wrought.  there were pink unicorn rim shot jokes aplenty.   wearing red-on-red little-boy’s brontosaurus t-shirt and glittery cummerbund, little bobby wondered in a racked croon:  “you are so -->sensitive <-- why can’t you be more?”  exactly.  i couldn’t agree with you more. 

next, leeches of lore began their set by ripping the guts out of “cougar v. bear.”   leeches representing the new mexico real, what with the science fiction and the porch-setting country crashing into holy fucking metal murder.   that’s how we roll.  leeches of lore is one of the best bands playing —check them out.

[1] that’s pronounced “kuh-nehr,” as in “kuh-nerrd.”  he’s german, and that’s how they say it.  

albuquerque, nm

happy new year

stencil outside cellar door,  artist unknown
...and, we're back.  hi, welcome to 2011.   great things awaiting us this year, i'm sure.  this is new stencil outside cellar door. a clean canvas for us all.  a couple months ago, the wall looked like this.

more to come soon-- crash[blank] is back awake. 

outside cellar door

147 harvard se
albuquerque, nm