Tuesday, August 31, 2010


butch with his tricycle

"i got it off craigslist.  sometimes you get tired of pushing a shopping cart around.  sometimes you just get tired of walking."

albuquerque, nm

Monday, August 30, 2010

it wasn't the dream of golden cities

“It Wasn’t the Dream of Golden Cities” by Postcommodity

reposted from The End of Being

Blood is leaking from the mouth of a dead mule deer.  The arts collective Postcommodity calls this Indian Time.

P’oe iwe navi ûnp’oe dînmuu (My Blood is in the Water)

In Santa Fe, it’s Indian Market, and it’s also the 400th anniversary of the city’s settlement by the Spanish.  Right now, Santa Fe is doubled in size as older, tanned tourists in shorts and couture cowboy hats throng the mazes of Native American vendors selling pottery, silver, and turquoise.  This year’s arts fair is expected to draw 80,000 visitors and generate $100 million in sales.
Meanwhile, behind the high walls of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts courtyard, the deer carcass dangles by its hind legs from a high, rough-hewn, four post tower.  The structure marks the time with blood that wells at the tip of the deer’s tongue and falls, in steady intervals, onto a drum.  The echo of each drop is enhanced into stereo thunder.

 “It’s important that the materials are from the spot and that the instrument can sound like what it is,” says Postcommodity artist Raven Chacon (Navajo), a composer and experimental noise musician in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   “We use it to find meaning in the history of the spot it’s directly over.”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1680 a totally rad revolution

at indian market, outside the iaia museum courtyard
santa fe, nm

the pueblo revolted against the spanish in 1680

sorry, my camera isn't that great

Friday, August 20, 2010

christoph knerr

leeches of lore logo
leeches t-shirt

leeches of lore "attack the future" cassette cover art

christoph's comic, "mess explosion"
mess explosion

show poster for the saltine ramblers and boris and the saltlicks

"escape from devil baby comet" this is a tiny drawing on a postcard

"trick or treat," also a tiny postcard drawing

micro-wave skate deck design

art by christoph knerr
he'll be showing on september 3rd at trillion art space
2nd and marquette
albuquerque, nm

Thursday, August 19, 2010

time traveling transvestite

reprinted from alibi  V.19 No.33 | August 19 - 25, 2010
This Week's Music

Time-Traveling Transvestite

Joe West is Xoë Fitzgerald in a New Mexican sci-fi rock opera

Xoë Fitzgerald
Anne Staveley

This is a story about love, so we know from the outset to expect tragedy. But, as the cross-dressing, folk-singing antihero of Xoë Fitzgerald: Time-Traveling Transvestite teaches us, that’s no reason to give up on a good cause.

“I’m fighting for the brokenhearted,” Xoë sings. “I’m fighting for the odd man out / I stand for all the freaks and all their broken dreams / Mad Dog, Alexis, Frankie and the Time Machine.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

champagne bike ride by monster paws

champagne bike ride by monster paws
albuquerque, nm

and still yet one more crash

reprinted from el paso times 8/15/2010

alleged drunken driver crashes into chico's tacos

by annette arrigucci

EL PASO -- Police arrested an alleged drunken driver who crashed into the Chico's Tacos in the 4200 block of Alameda, police spokesman Michael Baranyay said. An officer found a Ford Explorer had struck the building and was partially inside the restaurant just after 4:30 a.m. Sunday.
The officer arrested the driver, Luis Ojeda, 25, who appeared to be intoxicated, Baranyay said. Ojeda was booked into the El Paso County Jail on $1,000 bond.
No one inside the business was injured, police said.

Luis Ojeda (El Paso Police Department)
el paso, tx

another crash!

to answer your first question, yes, the happy hocker pawn shop is real. 

so, just drinking a tecate on a thursday afternoon on the fiesta's patio, then a screech of tires and--fuck! an old beast, a 64 buick electra 225, comes barreling down montgomery and then jumps the median.  it mows down an intersection camera (yay!) and careens into oncoming traffic, including a car with a little baby inside (boo!!). the sedan the buick crashed into was thrown back into a four car pile up.  two vatos get out of the buick, one stripped to the waist and another in a wife-beater.  they split in opposite directions, the half-naked one sprinting north to the apartment complex across the street, the other, clutching his shoulder and limping steadily south, disappearing down the alley. 

the baby was ok.

photos submitted by p.nut
albuquerque, nm

Saturday, August 7, 2010

nese arrested for illegal rainbows

via alibi:

rainbow warrior:  the alibi speaks with albuquerque's most contraversial public artist

by nese 
712 central sw
albuquerque, nm 87102

Friday, August 6, 2010

the ataris

by jeremy montoya
albuquerque, nm

space rocket r.i.p.

oh, my little SI. i only drove you for five months, but in that time, i got to go really fast in futurogalacato style.  197 hp with just a 2.0L engine.  that was pretty cool.   r.i.p. little space rocket.  it was good times.

....but, you should see the other guy:

dear pretty blonde middle aged lady who miscalculated on when to pop a left across traffic:

i hope you feel better soon, and that your insurance is solid.


albuquerque, nm

UPDATE-- all three vehicles in this accident were total losses.  damn!