Friday, April 23, 2010

n8v now

reprinted from alibi v.19 no.16 | april 22 - 28, 2010

n8v now: young artists and the new school

“Bounty Hunter and Trickster Encounter,” painting by Ryan Singer
“Bounty Hunter and Trickster Encounter,” painting by Ryan Singer
Though it’s not widely known, Boba Fett is an important figure in Native American art. At least, he is in the art of Ryan Singer. Originally from Tuba City, Ariz., in Navajo country, the Albuquerque artist is working on a portrait of the infamous Star Wars bounty hunter, armed and gunning for the viewer, alongside a wolf haloed by the Fett insignia.
Mural by Marc Quetone and David Abeyta
Mural by Marc Quetone and David Abeyta
Home to the largest powwow in the country, Albuquerque is also an emerging crossroads for nontraditional Native American artists like Ryan Singer and his cousin Monty Singer.
Monty Singer says pop icons belong in the vernacular of a DinĂ© artist: “We’re a newer generation, influenced by Star Wars and punk music.”
Coinciding with the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations are two art exhibitions featuring contemporary work by Native artists: Wrestling with Paint at the 3rd Street Arts space will present the work of Monty and Ryan Singer. Black Market Goods will host a battery of Native photographers, animators, fashion designers, and graffiti and visual artists for its annual show, Injunuity. Both exhibitions open on Friday, April 23.
“I don’t like to conform. That’s what art is about—freedom. That’s what being an artist is. The most important thing: Speak your own truth.”

Monday, April 12, 2010

music release: onda by d numbers

new release of onda by d numbers
spacey cerebral desertscape electronica

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d numbers
santa fe, nm

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

jonito sanchez

show posters by jonito sanchez.  his work, along with posters by jeremy montoya, will be on display at the blackbird buvette in downtown albuquerque through april 2010.

by jonito sanchez
albuquerque, nm