Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tenderizor invites you to touch the sword

behold-- tenderizor's grisly wail from the albuquerque abaddon.  lucky us, we get a preview of the title track from their soon-to-be-released album, "touch the sword," and it bleeds, and it shrieks, and it slashes at all that is sacred.  that is to say, damn, it feels really fucking good.  touch it.  touch the sword.

tenderizor is about as close to a supergroup that can be scratched out of the dirt around here, including kris kerby (sabertooth cavity) on drums, steve hammond (leeches of lore) screaming his mutherfucking lungs out, brothers mike and pat day (both fando) on lead guitars, and pillar of the arts underworld, raven chacon (dog shit taco, black guys, KILT, and many more), also on lead guitar.  the cover art is by 505 favorite son, mike giant.

tenderizor will cap off a quick tour around the west with the official album release (tour dates below). you can order the album from the record label, sicksicksick distro.  "touch the sword," in all its 12 inches of glory, drops on saturday, march 26th, at burt's tiki lounge.  go.

tenderizor west coast touroar:
3.10.11   flagstaff, az   the big house
3.11.11   reno, nv  the road house
3.12.11   portland, or  plan b
3.13.11  portland, or  reed college
3.14.11   arcata, ca  the alibi
3.15.11   oakland, ca  the stork club
3.16.11   la, ca   f-haus
3.17.11   san diego, ca  (somewhere)
3.18.11   phoenix, az    tribe house
3.19.11   tucson, az  (somewhere)
3.26.11   albuquerque, nm   burt's tiki lounge


  1. I will touch the sword, just keep the one armed scissors away from me!

  2. You generally don't have to ask me twice to touch the sword.

  3. i think we all can be friends

  4. come to the east coast!!