Monday, December 6, 2010

gov johnson smoking the weed

sporty libertarian and former new mexico governor gary johnson tells the weekly standard that he smoked hella weed for pain relief for three years following a paragliding crash in 2005. he says he wanted to avoid the narcotic addiction that he experienced when he used conventional pain drugs in the past.

gary, you so crazy! don't you know that if you turn to weed, big pharma doesn't get paid? hey buddy, that's not my america!  just kidding-- in my america, everyone gets paid.

unfortunately, gary johnson is not the republican new mexicans voted into office this year.  instead, we chose agitated chihuahua dog susana martinez.  in july, the new mexico independent (r.i.p.) reported that the governor-elect wants to repeal new mexico's medical marijuana law.

maybe it's a good time to make a donation to drug policy alliance.

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