Saturday, June 26, 2010

mannies tattoo

mannies restaurant tattoo
sign reads:  "go lobos!  great huevos rancheros"

brian, age 38
albuquerque, nm

Thursday, June 10, 2010

heart art

reprinted from alibi v.19 no.23 | june 10 - 16, 2010

Heart Art
You'll actually want to go to the hospital. Really.

An unexpected art gallery at UNM Hospital is good for your health.
Patricia Sauthoff

“My children.” That’s what Dr. Jonathan Abrams calls the the gangster crouching in a silver gelatin print, the frail lilacs rendered with watercolor, the photo of a caped gray dog emerging from the water. Abrams is an art collector and emeritus professor of medicine at UNM Hospital, and he thinks of the all the artworks he has acquired over the years as his babies.
The setting is reflected in work by Basquiat.
Patricia Sauthoff

The setting is reflected in work by Basquiat.
It’s a prestigious family. The collection, which Dr. Abrams co-owns with his former wife Fay Pfaelzer Abrams, includes pieces by defining contemporary masters including Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Bruce Nauman, as well as fine artists from our region, such as Patrick Nagatani, Luis Jimenez and Jaune Quick-To-See Smith.

proof of love

albuquerque, nm

Saturday, June 5, 2010

liz and helen

liz olsen, 29
domino necklace

left: liz olsen in turquoise toenail polish and some shoes she thinks she got at target
right: helen mathieson, 23-- shoes with purple feather print by paprika

helen mathieson with purple rhinestone barrettes

albuquerque, nm