Sunday, November 7, 2010

christopher clark memorial wall

my love, he died, and everything was so fucked afterward.  as just one example, i don't even know if christopher has a grave. so this memorial wall by defone means a lot to me.

i just met defone a couple weeks ago.  he says goes by "def one" because he doesn't listen.  but he heard my tale of sorrow, and kindly, kindly offered to paint a wall in memory christopher.  thank you so much, defone.  this wall is behind my friend ben's house, in the alley just south of eton st., across from where christopher used to live. thanks, ben, for sharing your space and being a very decent man. 

so my love is remembered on the street where he was a king, surrounded by flying war machines and the awesome specter of ween rising over the mountains. christopher, i love you so much.  be seeing you again someday. 
just like he had on many nights before, the night before he died, christopher left me a love letter on a scrap of paper on my desk. he wrote his beautiful, accidental last words on a checkstub from alibi. i didn't find it until after he was gone. 

his eyes are perfect-- blue and silver and dark and gold.  christopher was the most beautiful man i have ever seen in real life.

defone compares his work to a photo

ben has two wolves, naya and luna, who will be keeping christopher company, and ensuring this wall does not get messed with. 

this is luna-- she is a sweetheart, also gorgeous and ferocious.  so i admire her because i aspire to that as well.

alley south of eton, between yale and buena vista
albuquerque, nm

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