Friday, February 18, 2011

listen to dirt city

at dirt city chronicles, ernest aguirre has an 80 song playlist of burque puro, including tracks by scared of chaka, of god and science, eric mcfadden, the handsome family, broken bells, the eyeliners, and more.  listen.


  1. A quick disclaimer: all the music that I post is available online from other sources, You Tube, My Space Music or band websites. All I've done is gathered it into one convenient source for your listening pleasure. Just think of Dirt City Chronicles as the Reader's Digest of Albuquerque music. All fuddy duddy and shit just like dear old gramps. ernestag@dcc

  2. Sadly that playlist was from, and when I tried to add more music it quit working.
    I also post pod episodes (all music, no talk)on the sidebar they are loaded with 'Burque music, including an entire episode devoted to Las Cruces bands.