Thursday, January 27, 2011


image by robovisual
damn, new mexico, every day you find a new way to make me proud.  for example:

an albuquerque woman says that while shopping at a local grocery store, she was served a taster's cup full of man goo-- or, as koat action 7 news puts it, "a sample of yogurt that may have actually been bodily fluid."   the clinical yet vague way koat tells it, we can't be sure it was aquavit del hombre-- it may just have been a harmless kiddie cup full of mocos for all we know-- but let's just follow our gut when we hear "bodily fluid" and "yogurt" used in the same sentence.

at this time there are few details about the incident. reporter christie ileto says that "[police] are staying tight-lipped about the so-called encounter."-- she said it, not i.

albuquerque, nm


  1. i'd just like to say for the record that the fascination with people ingesting your various fluids has always escaped me.