Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i am nm film

in her first state of the state address as governor, susana! martinez proposed to deal with new mexico's budget shortfall by killing the local film industry....right, right-- that didn't make sense when i heard it the first time either. but apparently that's the plan. martinez hopes to cut tax credits for film production from 25% to 15% 

i'm confused about this-- i thought people voted for republicans because they want lower taxes. but i'm sure it just seems like a nonsensical idea because economics are complicated, and not because martinez is totally off-base

i'm not sure where this fits into the tax argument--and guess what? i don't want to bore myself or you another second by discussing taxes, ok?-- but i think somehow it's relevant to mention that it's really cool the coen brothers like to make movies here. and it's extra cool that pho linh, the best vietnamese place in town, is in the same motel where josh brolin gets tagged in no country for old men. seriously, susana!, are trying to argue with that?

more cogent arguments on why reducing the tax credit is not a smart idea in the video above.

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