Friday, August 6, 2010

space rocket r.i.p.

oh, my little SI. i only drove you for five months, but in that time, i got to go really fast in futurogalacato style.  197 hp with just a 2.0L engine.  that was pretty cool.   r.i.p. little space rocket.  it was good times.

....but, you should see the other guy:

dear pretty blonde middle aged lady who miscalculated on when to pop a left across traffic:

i hope you feel better soon, and that your insurance is solid.


albuquerque, nm

UPDATE-- all three vehicles in this accident were total losses.  damn!


  1. OUCH. hope you're ok as well...

  2. Shit. Does RIP mean you're not getting it fixed? You should get it fixed. I liked that car.

  3. i'm ok friends, thanks for your concern. feel free to buy me a beer out of pity, though. i won't turn it down.

    and, i believe the car is totaled. which is fine. got to have an easy grip on this material world-- we're only here for a few seconds anyway. besides, many chariots from which to choose. anybody want to shout out with some rides worth test driving, you know where to find me.