Sunday, August 15, 2010

another crash!

to answer your first question, yes, the happy hocker pawn shop is real. 

so, just drinking a tecate on a thursday afternoon on the fiesta's patio, then a screech of tires and--fuck! an old beast, a 64 buick electra 225, comes barreling down montgomery and then jumps the median.  it mows down an intersection camera (yay!) and careens into oncoming traffic, including a car with a little baby inside (boo!!). the sedan the buick crashed into was thrown back into a four car pile up.  two vatos get out of the buick, one stripped to the waist and another in a wife-beater.  they split in opposite directions, the half-naked one sprinting north to the apartment complex across the street, the other, clutching his shoulder and limping steadily south, disappearing down the alley. 

the baby was ok.

photos submitted by p.nut
albuquerque, nm

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