Sunday, July 8, 2012

mexico despierta 7.7.2012

"tell every one around the world that democracy in mexico is a fraud." a demonstrator at saturday's manifestacion in guadalajara, mexico.

yesterday, thousands in guadalajara joined the throngs in mexico's capitol and across the country, not to mention around the world, to protest what they claim to be fraud in the presidential election.  on july 1, mexico voted enrique pena nieto, a member of the pri party (partido revolucionario institucional)  that ruled mexico for 71 years, back into office.  a recount released today confirmed pena nieto as the winner of the election over progressive candidate obrador by 6%, but protesters across the country claim the results are garnered from fraud and vote buying. 

"we demand the expulsion of pena nieto"
during its long reign, the pri earned a reputation of rife corruption, and evidence of fraud now continues to accumulate in the 2012 election.  one scandal accuses pri of buying votes with gift cards for the supermarket chain soriana, in exchange for votes.  obrador is challenging the validity of the election legally.  

 a participant in saturday's demonstration in guadalajara wields a sign saying, "liberty isn't for sale."

well over 5,000 people of all ages joined the youth-led movement #yosoy132 to form a river of protestors that marched several miles through the city.  electrically charged, but peaceful, the protesters shouted: "no mas pri!  no mas pri!" (no more pri! no more pri!)  and "el pueblo se cansa de tanta pinche tranza!" (the people are tired of all the dirty tricks!).  another populat chant;  "70 anos de dictadura, nos tiramos de la basura," ("70 years of dictatorship, time to take out our trash.")

demonstrators actively courted the participation of onlookers, shouting, "el pueblo, escucha, tambien esta es tu lucha!" ("hear this, people, this is your fight also.") and "unite!"  taxis driving alongside occassionally tapped their horns in support, and several commuters on buses cheered the march from open windows windows.

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